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How I Keep up with technology as a software developer with a chronic health condition.

In this post, I will try to outline some techniques and disciplinary actions that had helped me keep up with the constant influx of information and keeping myself up to date despite my health difficulties.

A bit of Background

I'm a software developer in both passion and career, been for like 5+ or so years at the time of this post, what I'm also it's a person that has been suffering from Nephrotic syndrome a rare disease caused by a disorder in my immune system.

TLDR: immune system hates my (only) kidney; whenever my immune system is hyperactive, it goes wild. It might be caused by anything that might put the immune system on high alert, (infections, or even a season allergy, or who knows what else). I take Immune suppressors to tame the beast in exchange for a weaker immune system.

Keeping up with tech is hard, but not impossible 🧐.

Keeping up with tech while your body and mind is not on a stable condition, Well let's say it's a bit hard, but fret not, here are some tips and actions that have helped me through the years:

👉🏾Stop blaming someone else👈🏾

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This is the first tip and the first step, its easy to get caught up in blaming everything else for our misfortunes (I went through it), but the moment we stop venting out frustration, the more time and less stress we will have, you can use that peace of mind and time you get to.. you know what? Keeping up with tech and being productive!.

⌚ Schedule, schedule, schedule⌚

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If you are on track to learn, or practice, or create/continue a project or whatever, always schedule your time, set a start time and end time, be as strict as possible with your schedule, AND DON'T OVERDO IT; it's your health that it's at play here, rest is equally or even more important than keeping up.

📈Small and consistent over big and inconsistent📈

Small steps, big impact • Samula Mescher Related to the previous tip, once you get a schedule, try to dedicate small chunks of work every day, even if you only have the strength to turn on the computer and do nothing, showing up every day, at the same hour (if possible), will create the habit, from there on after a few days, your mind will go on autopilot.

🔨Split the working time, and rest, rest, rest🛌🏾

Rest assured | Paul Stallard

So, you are showing up every day to work on something, great, now set a maximum time per day (let's say..1 hour), and split that time with rest sessions, for example, 20m work, 10m rest, 20m work, and so on, this will give your body and mind time to rest and process information and allow you to keep going for more extended periods, on how you split your time is up to you, make sure to rest.

Dealing with Depression cycles 🤔

Depression cycles might or may not happen to some of the readers of this article. Still, it sure happened to me, the number of times where I had no mental strength to even send a message to my family or friends or having no desire to work at all due to being depressed given my conditions were many (and it still happens sometimes), but the way I usually snap out of it it's by realizing the following:

Being sick sucks, but its not the end of the world💪

Hope you feel better soon | Get well soon quotes, Hope youre ...

Feeling tired all the time sucks, pain sucks, life sucks, I might never get far in this career with all these issues, but you know…? By staying here sobbing and doing nothing, I'm pretty damn sure I will get nowhere.

Getting back to work can feel like its pointless 😓 but...

Small Steps = Big Progress - Academy of Fencing Masters Blog

Even if the progress is not noticeable with small chunks of work every day, at least I know I have a chance of getting somewhere🚀


So yeah, I hope some of the tips outlined may help the readers of this short post, it comes down to: